Our Heritage

CUNA Mutual has been at the forefront of supporting the needs of Credit Unions and mutual lenders, in a sustainable and ethical manner for decades. We were supportive of the Irish Credit Union’s sector’s development, from its early stages in 1963. We are key stakeholder in the development of the United Kingdom’s Credit Union sector in the early 70’s and we remain deeply committed to both.

Our commitment to the mutual and Credit Union sector remains as true now it defines how we serve our partners now, and into the future. Our focus remains on the quality of support, innovation and expertise of what we do for our partners. The intimacy of these interactions and engagements is what differentiates us from all others. By honouring our heritage and our responsibilities we have been truly able to assist in making our partners businesses stronger and their members safer.
No one else knows, understands and cares for Credit Unions and mutual lenders like we do.

Our commitment to you

Our focus is to deliver successful products and services to our partners and their members. We provide a suite of services that help deliver an innovative and adaptable range of products, tailored to suit the specific needs of our partners’ requirements.

As insurance experts we will provide you with the ability to go to market with insurance products that offer the financial security and simplicity your members demand. Our services to clients are designed to benefit your business and your members.

Our commitment is based on a simple truth, we live by our values and share them with our partners.

Our values are at the heart of all we do:

We bring an honesty, integrity and transparency to all our partnerships in a way that is mutually rewarding and supportive; We leverage our international and national experience in support of our local partners to ensure that they access knowledge, expertise and scale and equips them with the tools needed to make the right decisions;

We empower our staff and our partners to support a smooth and friendly customer experience that is uncommon in financial sectors, yet is the essence of mutuality and local care;

We strive to achieve an excellence that makes our partners stronger and their clients better, and if we ever fall short, we promise to work tirelessly to address our shortcomings; we invest in shaping a future that enables our partners to execute their strategies safely, prudently and without unnecessary fear of failure.

Our working relationship with our partners is based on trust and openness. Upon this we leverage our core skills to ensure our partners obtain the support and protection they need.